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Imperialism Project
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  1. Create a profile using the name, birth location and birthday (month and day… you will not be able to fill in the correct year because it does not go earlier than 1900) of the person you have signed up to research.

  1. Download a photo of the person from the internet to post as your profile picture.

  1. Fill in relevant information as you create your profile.

  1. In the headline box, write the names of all the people in your group.

  1. In the text box, produce relevant information about your person. It should be a minimum of four, 5-8 sentence paragraphs. Who are they, what makes them important, and most importantly what is their connection with American Imperialism/the Spanish American War? Grammar and plagiarism rules are in effect! You should put this IN YOUR OWN WORDS. This means that you should read four or five sources about your person (which you will site in your bibliography), then from what you learned, write your own original sentences about this person. JUST READING A SOURCE AND REWORDING IT IS PLAGAIRISM!

  1. Add a minimum of five photos. The person does not need to be pictured in the photo. Include photos of the actual events that they were involved with. Imagine what kinds of photos they would have taken during their involvement in the event. If possible, add videos (there are many places to search for videos... the history channel's website, google video, etc...).

  1. Based on your research, find at least five other members of this social network who your person would have been associated with (they don't need to have been friends with that person, just people they would have had some form of association with). Friend those people, and on their wall, write a three sentence explanation for how your person would have been involved with this friend. (i.e., if you were writing on my wall, you would write “I was a student in your class during the 2009-2010 school year. You taught me American history. We covered such topics as government and industrialization.”)

  1. Create a blog on your page which will serve as your bibliography. The bibliography MUST be incorrect MLA format in order to receive full credit. Remember, this will be checked for plagiarism, so be careful what you write!

  1. Answer the discussion question featured on the forum page.

When you are finished, take time to look at the profiles created by the rest of the class. Use this as a great study guide to help you to prepare for our next test!

You must return the attached rubric to Miss Goldsmith in order to receive a grade.