Austian prisoners captured by the Italians
My reaction- I cant believe such beautiful places were used for shuch horrible things, such as keeping prizoners.
Night view of pyrotechnics at US training field.
My reation- I hate to say that something in the war was pretty, but this looks beautiful.
French soldier with pet fox
My reaction- I feel bad for all of the animals that were stuck in the middle of the fighting.
Serbian King Peter

My reation- He looks kinda sad in this picture, the war must have been so sad.
British sailors aboard a ship in the Dardanelles examing damage caused by a Turkish shell.
My reaction- The land must have been so damaged after this.
Belgian General Gerard Leman
My reaction- He looks like he is ready to go off and fight a war!
Damaged mill at Courcelles, France
My reaction- I didnt realize how much was affected and damaged untill i looked at this.
Interior of German naval airship L30
My reaction- The inside of this looks complicated, they must have put alot of work into it.
Riders of the 6th African Chasseurs at Zarzis

My reation- I didnt realize there was fighting on the beaches also.
Old woman and her cow, displaced by the war
My reaction- I feel bad for this old woman, she looks very cold.

The end of a great German ace
My reaction- I cant believe that these is dead people among all this junk and war aftermath.
Camouflaged French Scheider tank
My reaction- The camouflage looks much different back then then it does now.
British tank moving through town
My reaction- So many people must have lost their houses!
Wounded soldiers at the American Red Cross Camp, 1915.
My reaction- The damage to these soliders is horrible! Im sure there was worse done to the millions of other soliders in the war.
Ditlev Ditlevsen
My reaction- Its so sad to see the faces of the young men involded in the war.
Hospital room scene
My reaction- These hospitals have nothing medical in them, just a bed and nurses!