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German dog wearing the Iron Cross,
awarded for saving his regiment by
warning them of a Russian night attack.

My reaction: It seems that anyone that performed military functions was awarded an Iron Cross.
This dog in the picture just proves to me how useful they can be

British howitzer "Lucky Jim"
My reaction: When I look at this picture, I wonder why they gave this weapon such a funny name. What does “Lucky Jim” mean?

More than two hundred German reservists made prisoners of war at Folkestone, England on attempting to reach Holland by the Flushing boat
My reaction: Its amazes to me, how so many people can be made prisoners of war. What could they have done to deserve this?
Destruction of the Cloth Hall, Ypres, Belgium
My reaction: Its amazing that a few bombs can completely destroy a building that big!

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German Albatross seaplane
My reaction: This German seaplane really reminds me of Wright brothers, who designed the airplane in the first place.

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American horse-drawn field kitchens
My reaction: I can't believe how much transportation has changed over the years. I didn't realize that people back in the time of the world wars rode around in these horse-drawn wagons. The caption said its a horse-drawn field kitchen which means to me that it supplied military troops with warm food.

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Scottish territorials being examined in a dressing station during Battle of Menin Road, Belgium, 1914
My reaction: I think it's good that there are people willing to come out to the war area so that soldiers could be checked out or wrapped in case of severe or minor injuries.

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Camouflaged long range guns of US coastal artillery
My reaction: how were people able to construct such big machinery such as this. Today's war weapons see alittle more complex.

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French flying ace, Charles Nungesser. Autographed portrait presented to Charles Muckensturm.
My reaction: I'm guessing this man, Charles Nungesser, was not only part of the military, but also a celebrity.

external image mrice1.jpg
Marion McCune Rice
My reaction: Nurses seemed to have a big impact on the health and the care of the soldiers that fought in the war.

King George V inspecting troops
My reaction: It looks like it is very important for all soldiers to look the same and follow orders.

William Henry Dimmock, Lancashire, Royal Artillery
My reaction: He looks old fashion and very serious. Iv'e noticed that alot with old pictures like these. I learned before that people back then didn't know to smile.

Women's Battalion of Death troops at physical training
My reaction: I didn't know women back then had to do stuff like this. Iv'e always learned that women never really had any important jobs and rights. So, why are they having physical training?

German aerial photograph: "Mosaic" of Paris (Dt. Denis) showing site of bomb explosion.
My reaction: What extreme damage this bomb explosion has caused. This shocks me to see this.

French Lt. Gen. Riquichot decorating Sgt. P.H. Knowles, USMC with Croix de Guerre and Star, Tours, France, 02/19/1919
My reaction: It looks like these men are being awarded for something. They look very strong and seem like they've done a lot for the military.


French postman at Rheims
My reaction: