1. Write a article against the use of children in factories.
Though many families need additional income to sustain their lifestyle, factories are not a place suitable for children. Children in factories are often subjected to cruel treatment and unfair wages, a circumstance that should not be prevalent in the lives of children. Even children who were not old enough to work the machines were often times put as assistances to workers, who would verbally or physically abuse them. Children, at such a young age, should be more concerned in early education than the mistreatments they receive in factories. The only reasons children are working in the factories to compensate for the labor demand and family income. In this time and age, families should me more concerned with the education and treatment of their children rather than income, for it is the children who will take care of the parents when they grow old. Young children should not be subjected to the harsh and cruel treatments they find themselves in while working in overcrowded and filthy factories.
it is not only the mistreatments of superiors that children should not be working in the factories. The jobs that the children are asked to do are highly dangerous. Since they are much smaller than the older persons working, they are often times told to go into the innerworkings of machines, a very difficult task. God forbid the machine would not be completely shut off or went back on then these children would be severely injured, or even worse, killed.

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